Please note: Payment is strictly for my time and companionship only. Anything that happens outside of this is simply an act between two consenting adults.

I cannot wait to meet you darling – don’t wait and send a polite, tasteful and clear introduction via email to arrange our date. I require a minimum booking length of 4 hours (when in London).
At the beginning of our date, please leave my donation in the bathroom or, if we are in public, in an unsealed envelope in a gift bag. Please be aware that I will require some time to check the donation before our date continues.
I understand that life can be unpredictable and the need to cancel may arise. Please give me 24 hours notice if we are meeting in Bratislava or Vienna, and 48 hours notice along with the requested cancellation fee for international dates. Failure to adhere to this, I will add you to an international blacklist. Please be considerate of my time. Thank you in advance xx.

Cocktails for Two (4 hours 790Eur plus taxi)

A rendezvous at your hotel lounge or favorite Hotel bar. We can get to know each other over a few drinks and then when you feel the time is right we can slip away from envious eyes to a place where I can help you unwind and put you into a state of euphoric bliss. I promise to put more than a smile upon your face.

A Naughty Tryst (6 hours 900 Eur plus taxi)

Let’s wine and dine on delectable delicacies. Let me show you what Tokyo has to offer. After dinner you may want to enjoy a fine brandy and some Jazz or perhaps you having something more decadent in mind. I’m sure I can tailor our date to meet your naughty needs. Don’t forget dessert! I hear it’s not to be missed.

A private after hour’s party (12 hours 1,290 Eur plus taxi)

Bratislava nights can be wild, sexy and sordid at times. Perhaps dinner and dessert just isn’t enough. You need a douse of sublime decadence. Perhaps a walk on the wild side to see what the night has to offer. A sexy cabaret, burlesque or striptease show. Maybe a visit to a couples kissa , swingers club, rope play club or a tour of the mizu shobai . Allow me to customize your decadent night tour and heavenly desires.

The Overnight Visit (24 hours 1,790 Eur plus taxi)

You can smell my light perfume a very unusual scent almost like an olfactory aphrodisiac. You feel the softness and suppleness of my skin perfect, flawless. The kind of skin that Japanese beautiful woman are renown for. You explore my perfectly toned feminine body. The body that women would kill for. I am yours for the evening. We will make wind and rain together. I will become your drug your healthy addiction.

Please place the gift in an open envelope with the word “GIFT” written on the front and hand it to me discreetly. This should be done within the first 15 minutes of our encounter. Please never make me ask for the gift or discuss it in any way. Thank you.

A tip to show your appreciation is considered a thoughtful gesture, and is always appreciated – but never expected